Spring Wardrobe Essential From Saltwater Luxe

saltwater luxe

With spring quickly approaching, I have been so excited to put all of my winter sweaters away and break out the floral dresses and rompers. Spring Fashion is by far my favorite because it is bright, fun and flirty. There is absolutely no excuse to be wearing black in the spring and for those like myself who quickly resort to an all black attire because it’s easy; it is time for a change. Spring is all about starting fresh and new. I am so excited to be able to start fresh with a new spring wardrobe.

I have been loving the brand Saltwater Luxe. It is very easy to start a fresh new spring wardrobe with just a few essential pieces that you can dress up or down. I am revamping my entire spring look with Saltwater Luxe. Here’s are all of my Spring Must Haves:

1. Mini Dresses

darcy floral mini dress

The second the weather here in the East Coasts hits about 55 degrees fahrenheit, I completely ditch pants. Dresses are my go to especially in the spring because they are so easy. Just one article of clothing, thats all that you need to look cute but still casual. I love to pair my mini dresses with sandals or wedges to make the look a bit more elevated. (Perfect for a date night!) I absolutely love Saltwater Luxe’s dress collection. My favorite is the Darcy Mini Floral Petals Dress and the Rambler Mini Dress in Fancy Stripe.

2. Kimonos & Dusters 

emery duster

Kimonos and Dusters are perfect for Spring because they can be layered over tanks and tees on days that aren’t as warm. Kimonos and Dusters are also perfect because they can make a boring jeans and t-shirt combo look more fun and chic.  My favorite is the Emery Duster in Floral Dot Black. It is a must have in your spring wardrobe!

3. Rompers & Jumpsuits 

nashville jumper

For the days when you need to be wearing pants but don’t want to have to put a full look together, I highly suggest a romper or jumpsuit. These can also be dressed up with wedges or sandals; or dressed down with cute sneakers. I would suggest a pair of Vans. I absolutely love the Nashville Jumper in Morning Blossom or the Taylor Jumper in Floral Petals. For rompers I love the Paige Romper in Dot. 

4. Skirts

brielle wrap skirt

I love a long skirt with a slit for spring. The beauty of long skirts is that they can easily be dressed up or down. (Actually, just about everything from Saltwater Luxe can be dressed up or down making it such a perfect brand to have included in your spring wardrobe.) I love the look of a long skirt paired with graphic tees. This provides a more casual daytime look. Pair the skirt with a lace cami for a more elevated look at night or for the office. My current favorite skirt from Saltwater Luxe is the Brielle Wrap Skirt in Lurex Floral. If you prefer shorter skirts then I would suggest the Tahiti Wrap Skirt in Tropic. 

5. Patterned Pants 

zoe crop pant

I love a good pair of patterned pants because it makes it seem as if you dressed up for the day, when in reality you are extremely comfortable. I like to refer to patterned pants as “fun pants.” Another perk of patterned pants is that they really help to extend your legs and make you seem taller than you actually are. Pair them with a pair of heeled sandals and you are good to go! My favorite and an absolute must have in your closet is the Zoe Crop Pant in Textured Strip. 

Be sure to shop Saltwater Luxe for all your spring wardrobe essentials!

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