Most Anticipated Book Releases, June/July 2020


In my mind, it is officially that start of the summer which means that my summer reading has officially begun. Typically, I would read a book or two each month in the summer but being that we are still in quarantine, I am super excited to have the chance to read more than that. I’m sure you are all wondering (probably not) but I’m about to finish my 23rd book since the q started. Pretty wild, I know.

This list could have been insanely long but I decided to cut it down as much as I could. I really do believe the best books are published during the summer months and this summer is no different.

1. Lies That Bind, Emily Giffin (Release Date June 2nd) 

the lies that bind

I truly can not contain my excitement for this. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors. I have read every single one of her books. Not kidding, every single one. I have admired her work since reading Something Borrowed my while in high school. Let’s just say all of Emily’s books trigger my emotions and once I started reading her stories, I just couldn’t stop. I am so excited for Emily’s next book-the story of a reporter named Cecily struggling to make it big in NYC, who while is the process of calling her ex boyfriend when she is stopped by a man named Grant who then goes missing during the tragedy of 9/11. (I have chills already.) Cecily has to use her investigative skills to find out the truth about Grant. Counting down the days until I get my hand on this book!

2. The Guest List, Lucy Foley (Release Date Jun 2nd) 

the guest list

I guess you could say I have semi crossed over to the dark side over the last few weeks. After reading Liv Constantine’s The Wife Stalker, I have been really into mysteries and thrillers. No worries, I’m still obsessed with romance and YA novels, but every once in a while I’m totally here for a good thriller. The Guest List is that story of what was suppose to be the perfect wedding when suddenly it goes completely wrong. I guess they say nothing goes as planned for a reason because it this situation, a body being found at the wedding was not part of the married couple’s plans.



Sex & Vanity, Kevin Kwan (Release Date, June 30th)

sex and vanity

I absolutely loved the Crazy Rich Asian series, and loved the movie too. I was so excited to find out that the same author of the series is coming out with a new novel. Sex & Vanity is described as a “modern love story” which is basically almost everything I ever look for in a good book. Similar story line to Crazy Rich Asians, expect Lucie can’t stand George when she first meets him. Everything changes when they kiss of course and then things take a turn when family drama is thrown into the mix. I am so here for this.




4. The Lion’s Den, Katherine St. John (Release Date, June 30th)

the lions den

I was very intrigued by this book just because the story line seems different from most books I read. A jet setting holiday turns into a nightmare? Yup, this is definitely not a romance novel but here we are. When Belle is invited by her friend Summer on a glamorous getaway on Summer’s boyfriend’s yacht, she quickly learns that the passengers are treated like prisoners and that her friend Summer is not who she thought she was. You would think nothing could go wrong on a billionaire’s yacht but come to find out, so many things can go wrong.




5. One to Watch, Kate Stayman-London (Release Date, July 7th)

one to watch

For all you Bachelor Nation Fans out there, this one is for you. When a highly successful  plus sized fashion influencer Bea is offered a spot on Main Squeeze (think modern day The Bachelorette) she promises herself that she won’t fall in love. However, we all know that is never going to happen! Bea finds herself in a messy real world meets reality TV situation. I can not wait for this story to unfold!





6. The Mall, Megan McCafferty (Release Date, July 28th) 

the mall

Of course, a YA novel had to be added to this list. Cassie is spending the summer before graduation working at the mall before heading to college in NYC at the end of the summer. Oh, her high school boyfriend is suppose to be going to college with her. That’s their plan.  Will working in the mall all summer change Cassie’s lifelong plans to attend college with her boyfriend? I most definitely will be finding out!


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