I’ve Been Obsessed: Mermaid Summer

  I have been obsessed this summer with all things mermaid. Literally anything with a mermaid on it I have to have! Growing up, I always thought The Little Mermaid was the best princess ever. She had the prettiest red hair, Flounder for her best friend and she had gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. There are a … Continue reading I’ve Been Obsessed: Mermaid Summer

9 Signs You’re Too Addicted to Your Cell Phone

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely guilty of being too addicted to your phone. I’m writing this so clearly I am too; don’t feel so bad. It is crazy to say but our phones truly have become our worlds. Your phone does everything from holding your Starbucks gold card information to documenting our prime moments … Continue reading 9 Signs You’re Too Addicted to Your Cell Phone