Perfect Graphic T-Shirts For Summer & How To Wear Them

I have been living in graphic tees the past few weeks since the weather is now finally getting warmer. I was never a big t-shirt kinda gal but my opinions have completely changed recently. I have been loving graphic tees because they are actually super cute, insanely comfortable and actually can be dressed up or down. The possibilities are endless with a good graphic tee!

Why am I obsessed with graphic tees all of a sudden?

I’m really not sure where my obsession started all of a sudden. I think it could be that life in the q is not that exciting and there is no longer a need for dresses and fancy shirts. I guess I then started to realize that t-shirts are the way to go for day to day living during quarantine. I figured if I was going to wear t-shirts all day long I would at least want them to be cute. I then realized how insanely comfortable t-shirts are and that there are so many different ways to wear them. So here we are. I am now obsessed with graphic t-shirts. Specially, the ones with the Rolling Stones lips with the tongue sticking out.

How have a been wearing my graphic tees these days?

I have been ordering all of my graphic tees in a size up for more of a relaxed fit. The key reason why I like to order them a size up is because they can be worn as an at home only t-shirt dress. When I legit have nothing to do other than stay home and watch Netflix/Hulu/HBO NOW/HBO MAX/Disney +/Apple TV, (You know whatever I’m feeling in that moment-I love to have options) I will throw on a graphic t-shirt and call it a day. There you have it, the at home only t-shirt dress.

When leaving the house, the possibilities are endless.

Graphic T-Shirt & A Skirt 


     Graphic T-Shirt & Leggings


Graphic T-Shirt & Jeans


Graphic T-Shirt & Jean Shorts               


Graphic T-Shirt & Biker Shorts 


As you can see from the photos I have pulled from my Pinterest inspiration board (yes, I still use Pinterest) the possibilities are endless with the perfect graphic t-shirt. My favorite looks for summer are a skirt with a graphic t-shirt and denim shorts with a graphic t-shirt. I Another reason why I like to have my graphic t-shirts a size larger than I typically where is because I like the to tie the shirt off on the side especially when paring with a skirt. Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a skirt really dresses it up and give the skirt an edgier look.

With jeans, I love the look or jeans, t-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers (Vans) or a cute sandal; with the shirt slightly tucked in the front. With leggings I like to just leave the shirt hanging and throw on a pair of sneakers or flip flops. I call the leggings look my most convenient look when needing to rush out of the house quick to run errands. Biker shorts are a new venture for me. I recently ordered my first pair and I do find them to be cute when you want to wear something other than leggings. I do the same thing with biker shorts as I do with leggings, throw the shirt over and let it hang.

As many of you already know I am obsessed with Chaser Brand. The quality of their t-shirts is amazing. They are super soft, breathable and can easily be dressed up or down.

My current favorite graphic t-shirts from Chaser Brand can be purchased right from their site (most of them are currently on sale too) and found below:

1. One For The Road Tee,$46.50

one for the road

2. Classic Pink Floyd Tee, $49.50

pink floyd

3.Grateful Dead- Dancing Skeleton Tee, $49.50

grateful dead

4. WOODSTOCK- Music Festival Tee, $49.50


5. White Star Tee, $46.50

star tee

6. Pastel Rainbow Tee, $46.50

pastel tee

7. Neon Heart Lips Tee, $46.50

neon lips

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