Treat Yourself This V-Day: Dark Chocolate Obsession

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you know what is my favorite part about Valentine’s Day? It is a free day to eat all of the chocolate you want without being judged for it. And no one has to know who bought the chocolates for you.

So if you have no one sending you chocolates today, I have a recommendation for you to treat yourself.

Heifer’s Market Place is my Valentine this year and they can be yours too! They sell the most amazing chocolate. It is smooth yet rich, and I am absolutely obsessed. The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are my favorite! Did I mention dark chocolate is actually good for you?

Not only are these chocolates delicious, but sales from each box help to support small-scale Ecuadorian farmers.

I would highly encourage you to treat yourself to a box of these. I may or may not be half way through my box!

FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hannah and Derek Jeter Are Expecting Their First Child


Hannah Jeter announced she is pregnant in an ode to hubby Derek Jeter and it was the cutest thing ever.

The power couple is expecting their first child, a baby girl. Hannah explained they have not decided on a name yet, although Derek will call asking how so-and-so is doing using his preferred name for the baby.

Along with the announcement of their pregnancy, Hannah took to to share the story of how she met the Derek Jeter we have loved for over two decades of baseball.

The ode was a real tear-jerking piece. I’m actually still in tears. Hannah explains that the timing was just right when she met Derek, and everything just fell into place. Their love story truly is one of the most realistic ones. It is all about timing, and finding someone who is at the same stage in their life as you.

A big congratulations to Derek and Hannah, we all can’t wait to see baby Jeter!

Grammy’s 2017 Best Dressed

The 2017 Grammy’s Red Carpet was by far one of the best. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by every dress that was seen down the carpet. There was a ton of uniquely styled dresses this year, everything from Tom Ford to Gucci made an appearance. Here are the best dressed celebs of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.



Although my roommate compared Rihanna’s attire to a spider, I was in awe. The giant puffy skirt was very unique, and of course Rihanna kills it with a bright orange top.

Katy Perry:


At first I was a bit confused by Katy’s look, but after watching her memorial interview I realized only Katy would be able to pull off this look. Oh and the new hair color is gorgeous. I think I’m loving the blonde more than the blue California Girls’ wig.

Jennifer Lopez:


The sexy slit honestly just made my girl crush for Jen increase immensely. J-Lo looked absolutely stunning in this dress. She crushed the red carpet strutting down in a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutins.

Carrie Underwood:


Carrie is literally #goals. If anyone could rock a dress on the red carpet without blending in it would be her. She literally stood out.

Heidi Klum:


Heidi’s dress was very simple, however can we talk about how amazing she looks. Side note for those of you who did not know; Heidi is 43 and still can pull off a tight, short dress. AH-MAZING. Seriously.

Chrissy Teigen:


Chrissy looked so gorgeous in this patterned look. The fringe bottom was a unique touch, while the side cutouts make the dress super sexy yet sleek.

Kelsea Ballerini:


I honestly had no idea who Kelsea was until I saw her on the Red Carpet. However, aside from not knowing, I instantly fell IN LOVE with her dress. The floral design is chic and fun!

Vege USA Vegetarian Plus Products Release

“For more than a decade and a half, Vege USA’s popular Vegetarian Plus brand ( has been winning over vegans, vegetarians and even mainstream consumers ready to give up meat now and then by offering an enticing range of culinary plusses designed to elevate plant-based cuisine to an entirely new plateau.”

Check out all USA Vegetarian has to offer in the press release linked below:



HCFU Responds to Odyssey Article Published by SHU Student

One town. Two medium-sized universities. Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University don’t correlate often, but per an article written and published by a SHU student there is a rivalry between the schools. This tension is not felt widely or deeply by university students, aside from a healthy competition displayed at school sporting events.

Published on January 22, 2017 the article titled, “11 Reasons Sacred Heart University Is Better Than Fairfield U,” not only published information that was factually incorrect but was beset with angry and shallow tones. Her Campus would like to set the record straight.

Fairfield University’s National and Regional Standings

U.S. News has ranked Fairfield University #2 in Regional Universities North and #1 Best Colleges for Veterans (Regional North). Our nursing program was actually ranked #10 nationally by College Factual and will be implementing a midwifery program in the near future.

Campus Updates as Part of Fairfield Rising

In reflection of our nationally ranked nursing program, the brand new Palliative Center will open this coming fall. This is just a few months after the grand opening of the Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Recreation Complex with state of the art equipment.

Those are just two of the many updates coming to our Campus-Wide Master Plan. Already underway are updates to the Barone Campus Center which will include “The Tully”, our new dining hall, and a parking garage next to the Kelly Center. Fairfield will also be opening a brand-new residence hall for occupancy in August of 2018.

Strong Athletic Programs

Over the last year, Fairfield University has achieved some impressive sports highlights. Our Volleyball team won the MAAC in the Fall of 2016 and our Baseball team won the MAAC in the Spring of 2016.

Taking Ownership and Promoting Tolerance Last year, students at our university held an alleged “Ghetto Party”. What happened in the following days was what we see every day in the media: reports circulated and the story grew larger reaching from here to the west coast. But, that’s the name of the game. Whether you report for Her Campus Fairfield, The Odyssey, or the New York Times it is our duty to our readers to report news as it impacts our community. As a reporter, it is equally important to ensure we are producing news content that is factual and impartial.

In the aftermath of this campus event, the students of Fairfield University came together to address the underlying issue. Within hours, FUSA had responded to the off-campus event in a university-wide email. In the days to follow, a student run forum took place where our community came together to express opinions and share grievances. The goal was—and still is—to create tolerance on campus.

Since then, Fairfield has created the Bias Response Team. This program developed from the President’s Institutional Diversity Council where faculty, staff, and students can report incidents on campus that they feel are “bias-related discrimination within the Fairfield community”.

In the face of intolerance and adversity our school came together as a community, regardless of race, and worked to resolve the situation.

A Beautiful Campus

Atop the hills at McAullife and Bellermine Hall, you can see the Long Island Sound that is just a mile away. In fact, rated Fairfield University one of the 18 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America.

Beauty is everywhere on Fairfield’s campus. We don’t need tweets from @SMACKEDCOLLEGE to prove we have “sexy” or “good looking” people on campus. We started the “Campus Beauty” trend, and our “Campus Cuties,” make the national chapter page on Her Campus.

Our Historical Roots 

We are a Jesuit University with a rich history in education that is reflected every day in our core values. Our connection to this fuels enrichment programs and a style of learning that remains unparalleled. Fairfield students can see this manifested in devotion through the arts, living learning communities, and service learning classrooms—to name a few.

At Fairfield, our students and faculty preach and live by Jesuit values.  We value the idea of cura personalis, which means “care of the whole person.” Our Stags work every day, in their classes, service work, jobs, and daily activities, to live as the best people we can be.  Our beloved University fosters an environment where we work together with our peers and higher-ups to be fully socially aware and responsible, leading to kinder and more accepting students.

According to our website, “At Fairfield, we believe that no matter what’s going on in the world, more unites us than divides us. When we respect and value each other, we find the common good rooted in us all, and we work together to bring out each other’s potential.” Love one another, and show people the respect that they deserve. We still love our neighboring university, but let’s keep our rivalry light-hearted and courteous.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t A Thing

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but New Year’s resolutions are not a thing. Or at least they shouldn’t be. Honestly, let’s be real here. What is the success rate for New Year’s resolutions?

According to Statistic Brain only 8% of the American people successfully keep up with their resolution but 45% of the American people are making resolutions every year.

If no one is successfully sticking to their resolution then why are they even a thing? Why start something that you can’t finish? This doesn’t mean that we should sit around all day and not have an goals or aspirations in life but just because it is January 1st does not mean you need to start your life over in full force.

In reality by January 2nd you are going to be back to your old ways anyway so what is the point?

There would be a higher success rate in resolutions if we stopped making them so New Years driven. You can start a resolution at any point in the year, it does not have to be the new year. The whole point of our lives is to grow and set goals throughout our time, not just on the first of the year when everyone is trying to do what the social norms say they should be doing.

If we haven’t realized this already, we probably should; the social norms of society are never normal. And if you really think we are going to lose five pounds a week for the next 52 weeks or completely cut pizza out of your diet for the next year because everyone around you is coming up with these crazy resolutions and you feel like you have to also; just save yourself the trouble, it’s not going to happen.

So instead of making some insane resolution for the 1st of the year because everyone else is focus on living in the moment and realizing change can occur at any point in the year, and that is when it should occur, in the moment. In that moment midway through the semester when you are about to skip that class for the third time, make it a resolution to attend class the rest of the semester. Or when you are home again for the summer and find yourself arguing with your mom yet again make a resolution to be kinder to her.

Your life doesn’t stop at the end of the year and start over again new at the beginning of the following year. There is always room for improvement. Goals and resolutions are ongoing, they can be created in any moment.

Introducing E! Network’s New Docu-Series, SO COSMO

E! Network is set to launch a documentary series SO COSMO on Wednesday, February 8th at 8 PM on E!. The eight hour long series provides all access on what is behind the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Absolutely unreal.

Cosmopolitan is the “biggest female media brand” in the world, says Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles in the promo video that was posted on Cosmopolitan’s Instagram page. The series showcases not only the glamour but the exhaustion that comes with working for an influential brand.

E! will be premiering a preview special on Tuesday December 20th at 8 PM for all of us who just can’t wait until February. The special will introduce Coles and her talented young staff.

SO COSMO is taking over E!, it’s time to be “keeping up” with something new.