Most Anticipated Book Releases, May 2020



I have been making the most of my time in quarantine by reading-non stop. Not even kidding you, I just finished my fourteenth book since quarantined started. Yup. Fourteenth books, seven weeks. I guess if you do the math that comes out to roughly two books a week, although I’ve read a few of them in one day alone. Some may see this as an issue, but I truthfully can’t help myself once I get into a good book. Specifically a good YA or rom com, but I’m open to just about everything.

Lucky for me, and all of my fellow avid readers out there; a ton of new books are being released this month and I can not contain my excitement. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a copy of a few before hand and let me just tell you, all book lovers are in for a treat this month.

1. Big Summer By Jennifer Weiner, Release Date: May 5th

Big Summer Jennifer Weiner

So if you haven’t already heard, this novel has been named one of the most anticipated read of 2020 by PopSugar, LibraryReads and BookList; just to name a few. I obviously had to see what all the hype was about and this by far lives up to the hype. I was excited to read this the other day before its release by part of me was unsure I would be able to connect to it and become so invested in it like I usually become when I read. It’s not a romance or YA novel but rather one of friendship and the power of females. To my surprise, I was invested, so heavily invested I finished in one night. Daphne and Drue prove to us as readers that a lot has changed since high school, none of us are the same person we were a decade or even a single year ago. A lot can change with time.

2. Summer Darlings By Brooke Lea Foster, Release Date: May 5th

summer darlings brooke lea foster

Another shoutout to Lucy from Simon and Schuster for sending over a copy before the release date. I finished this one in a single day. Could not put it down. As if it wasn’t obvious enough, I am obsessed with romance novels and this summer romance novel did not disappoint. It is a historical fiction novel (with romance), set in the 1960’s on Martha’s Vineyard. Each scene is described so vividly, I felt as if I was on the Vineyard living Heddy’s life as she babysits for a wealthy family and falls into a summer fling. If you are looking for a good summer beach read, this is the one for you.

3. Say Yes Summer By Lindsey Roth Culli, Release Date May 12th

say yes summer by lindsey roth culli

I haven’t read this one yet, but let me tell you…I have a funny feeling this one is going to be it for me. Say Yes Summer is described as perfect for those who love Netflix/Hallmark Rom Coms (A.K.A. Me) and the story of the girl who finally gives in to life and starts saying yes to everything. In response Rachel finds herself in a summer of saying yes to everything, even things that would have scared her before, which of course you know leads to the potential of finding true love. I’m actually screaming, I can not wait for this one! Cheesy, maybe but definitely going to be worth reading. **I have already preordered this on Amazon. Are you surprised?

4. Beach Read By Emily Henry, Release Date May 19th

beach read emily henry

Okay so its looking like summer romance novels are most anticipated on my list this month and I am completely okay with that. A literary writer and a romance writer (who has given up on love) are both living in beach houses near each other. They are both suffering from writers block but aside from that they couldn’t be anymore opposite. They do say opposites attract but who knows! We will all have to read to find out. Will their creative juicing start flowing and then they madly fall in love? I’m betting probably yes and I can not wait to see their love story unfold.

5. The Wife Stalker By Liv Constantine, Release Date May 19th

The Wife Stalker Live Constantine

Yes, it is possible for me to be excited to read a thriller. Thank you v much. This one has been named one of the most anticipated thrillers of 2020 by GoodReads and Bustle so I was intrigued. The story is set in Westport, Connecticut (a place I am far too familiar  with) and to sum it up; it’s the story of a women who wants a perfect family that is not her own. I was able to get my hands on this one as well thanks to Heather from HarperCollins and let me just tell you…I could not put it down. Finished it in one day. I think I’m addicted to thrillers now, and holy plot twist. This story is insane. The second you think you know what’s going to happen next, the exact opposite happens. There are so many themes to discuss here too, family history, being a product of your environment, everyone is not who they seem, wanting what you can’t have, the extreme measures people will take to get what they want…(I should start a book club, don’t you think?) I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you love thrillers or are looking to read something other than a romance novel this summer-this one is absolutely for you!

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