Flagpole NYC: Swimwear For The Modern Woman

I absolutely love swimwear and if I could live everyday on a beach with a closet full of bikinis I would be content. Although I have such a love for swimwear, I don’t have a favorite swimwear brand. I truly have always shopped for swimwear solely based upon color and patterns. If I came across one online that I thought was “pretty” or “cool looking,” I would buy it. I’ve yet to come across a swimwear brand that has really stood out to me, or one that lasted longer than a single season at least until now.

I came across Flagpole through an Instagram ad. It was one of those moments I was thankful that Instagram was stalking my Iphone’s search history and knew I had been searching for new swimwear for my trip to Florida this week. I typically am freaked out when I see an ad pop up for something I was just talking about or searching for but this time, the ad I came across was life changing.

Flagpole was created by modern women for the modern woman. Need I say more. I feel an instant boost of confidence when wearing Flagpole swimwear. There is just something about the fit that truly is flattering on all body types. There is just something about the brand that makes you feel good about yourself instantly. The quality of their swimwear is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I absolutely hate when swimwear pills due to being exposed to the sand. I absolutely love the beach. I will willingly sit in the sand without a towel. However, when I find that little bits of sand have found themselves into the fabric of my swimwear and begin to cause pilling; I lose my mind. I have not experienced that with my Flagpole swimwear which is AMAZING. The patterns are so elegant and beautiful. They carry everything from prints, solids, neons colors and neutrals. (So yes, something for everyone at any age)

I wore a ton of Flagpole while on vacation in Florida and was stopped everywhere I went when wearing a look from Flagpole. Everything from the brand stands out in a good way.

Along with swimwear Flagpole carries resort wear, which includes everything from dresses, sweaters, wraps and tops. I am obsessed with the Richelle dress and wore it out twice on vacation because it is just that good. Here are a few of my favorite Flagpole looks from my trip last week:

The Richelle Dress 


Lynn in Orange Blossom 


Arden & Mel 


Estelle TopCasey Bottoms


Now it is time to dream up a way to live on a beach with a closet full of Flagpole swimwear forever.

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