Best Greek Food In Miami: Santorini by Georgios


If you step outside the Hilton Bentley Hotel in Miami and take a quick left through the double doors you will find yourself in Greece. (Kidding) You will actually end up at Santorini by Georgios which is basically the same as being in Greece, technically.

Santorini is perfect for lunch, dinner, a birthday celebration, girl’s night out or date night. The atmosphere is fun and friendly. The staff is amazing. Everyone from the servers to hostess were so friendly and willing to provide recommendations. The blue and white hues around the entire restaurant give of the vibe of being in a little greek village. The view of the pool from the inside of the restaurant is gorgeous and there is even a night scene with dancers and music. The food is absolutely to die for. If you love greek food you will absolutely love this place. If you don’t like greek food you are about to be in love with it after eating at Santorini.

The Flaming Cheese is greek mountain cheese that is dressed with lemon juice and then set on fire, literally. It comes to the table lit with a flame on top. It is delicious and way more exciting than basic fried mozzarella. The Avocados Takos is a greek take on classic bruschetta and as an Italian who can live off of bruschetta I have to admit I’m a big fan of the greek version of this dish.


If you visit Santorini with one other person (example date night) I would recommend the Butcher Cut which includes lamb crops, ribeye, veggies, greek salad and the very popular flaming cheese. It is a perfect sized platter to split with another person.


Along with the food, the drinks and desserts are amazing. It is so difficult to find a great place to eat where you feel full in a good way, and satisfied after you leave. I could not have been more full (in a good way) and satisfied after Santorini.


Absolutely can’t wait to visit Santorini again.


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