How To Have A FUNBOY Summer

Forget “hot girl summer,” 2020 has officially become FUNBOY SUMMER.

We all can agree 2020 has been a bumpy ride. Summer travel plans have truly been hit hard this year. Although most of us are unable to travel as anticipated, there are still plenty of ways to have an amazing summer right at home in your backyard.

How does one have the best summer possible at home? FUNBOY has all the answers.

FUNBOY is that brand you have already seen all over Instagram. That giant insane unicorn pool float that was everywhere last year? Yeah, that was FUNBOY. Oh, and the kiddie pools we are seeing all over Instagram this year? Also FUNBOY.

Okay, so you probably know about this brand already, but you have no idea how the brand can transform your backyard summer experience. It truly is magical.

FUNBOY Backyard Summer Essentials 

The Kiddie Pools


I do not care how old you are, a kiddie pool will solve all your problems. Especially if you don’t have a pool in your backyard to begin with. i have no shame in admitting owning a kiddie pool has completely changed mine, and my german shepard pup‘s lives this summer. No fancy unground pool, no problem.

The Pool Floats


If you do already have a pool in your backyard, congrats! You probably won’t need a kiddie pool but you most definitely will need a float. I highly suggest the pink glitter unicornor the private jet  because you know-one can dream about actually being able to jet-set again one day.

Backyard Cooler 


You guys, FUNBOY’s backyard coolers are seriously adorable. They are perfect for any outdoor (socially distanced, of course) event that you are planning. I absolutely love these because they really add a fun summer vibe to any outdoor environment; even if it’s just you alone, sun bathing with a bottle of wine. Make sure that wine in chilled in a backyard cooler.

Drink Float 


I am obsessed with drink floats in the summer. Even if I’m not in the pool you will catch me walking around the backyard with my drink placed inside one of these floats. Specifically the unicorn drink float, obviously.

Beach Towels 


Beach towels are not a want but an absolute need. I love the FUNBOY ones because they are so pretty and come in a variety of summer patterns. I am obsessed with the tie dye towels.

Lawn Chairs


Another must have for your backyard FUNBOY summer. Why lay in the grass when you can lay in a lovely lawn chair like these. These lawn chairs come in the cutest color patterns and will look great on any Instagram feed.

Facial Mist


As if FUNBOY wasn’t already a genius company, they just recently launched  new product that is the answer to everyone’s summer prayers. A hydrating facial mist that keeps you cool when laying out in the sun. I personally do not enjoy sweating, (honestly unsure who actually does) but this facial mist is perfect for keeping you cool and keeping your skin glowing.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why you should be supporting FUNBOY this summer.

They are a family owned business.

During a time like this it is super important to be supporting locally owned and small family businesses. FUNBOY is really is one of those brands to be supporting this summer.

They are a brand focused around sustainability while prating responsible manufacturing. 

I can’t stress enough how important this is. All of their products are created to last therefore creating less waste as a whole.

Hope you all have a FUNBOY SUMMER!


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