Book Review: “The Upside Of Being Down” By Jen Gotch


33f4f087935f8fa71a878d8615db8397.jpgIf you are familiar with the brand, then you are absolutely familiar with founder, Jen Gotch. Well, Jen just wrote a book and it is everything we need in a world where navigating your mental health has become a full time job all in its own.

I was lucky enough to be able to read Jen’s book before it is released later this month. A huge shoutout and thank you to Lucy at Simon and Schuster and Amy at La Rue for this.


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Jen’s book, The Upside of Being Down, completely hits home for anyone who is struggling with their mental health. When Jen graduated college and moved back home to live with her parents she began to believe that her skin turned green. She was confused, sad, lost, and trying to make sense of this new chapter in her life. As a recent college grad, who also moved back in with my parents; Jen’s moment of thinking she turned green completely resonated with me.  I can honestly say that no one prepares you for life post grad. No one tells you that this will be one of the most difficult times in your life to navigate either. Thank goodness for Jen’s story. I wish I would have had access to this book before I graduated so I was at least somewhat prepared and knew that thinking your world is coming to an end is justifiable in this moment.

Jen’s story explains the importance of taking care of yourself right from the start and properly navigating these challenges in order to help yourself succeed in the future.  Jen also touches upon her mental health being misdiagnosed at a young age. It is important to notice the signs of loved ones as soon as possible in order to get them the help they need to set them up for a positive future moving forward. It is truly so important for us to all show kindness, understanding and compassion to anyone navigating their mental health regardless of their age.

Along with the topic of mental health, success is another important theme in Jen’s book. is such a successful and uplifting brand. It was created by Jen who has struggled with generalized anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADD. So what does this all mean for us? It means that regardless of what you struggle with, you too can be successful. I think this is so important, not only for those who struggle with their mental health, but literally anyone who feels that something in their life is holding them back from being successful or being the best version of themselves. Jen acknowledges the importance of taking what you are dealing with and spinning it into something great. When you take a step back like Jen did, and understand how your struggle is impacting you within; it is likely that you can find a positive in what seems to be only a negative on the outside. Jen was able to understand that her mental health was impacting her creativity in a positive way which lead to the creation of Pure success came from spinning something negative into a positive.

Jen’s courage really shines through in her book and serves as an inspiration to everyone. You can navigate any challenge in life and come out of it being successful in the end. it just takes courage, patience and a little bit of being kind to yourself. For those trying to better understand their mental health, I think Jen’s book is super helpful as she is open and honest recalling real experiences that she has had. No matter what you are going through or feeling, I think Jen’s book can really provide all of us with a few laughs and a few tears as well. It is important to discuss your emotions and know that it is normal to feel all different emotions. Jen’s book is perfect for that.

You can preorder Jen’s book here. Find more information on her book tour dates here.

The Upside Of Being Down will be out March, 24th!

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