Winter Rosé…All Day


Anyone who believes that rosé is strictly a summer drink is sadly mistaken. I am all about rosé both in the summer and the winter. Oh, in the spring and the fall too. I truly believe that any season is rosé season. It is just about how you drink it.

Frosé for example is strictly for the summer. Frozen drinks are meant for summer, everyone knows that. In the winter, I like to drink my rosé a bit differently.


Winter rosé is all about a good cheese paring. Although a well thought out and perfectly displayed charcuterie board is amazing, there sometimes just isn’t enough time for that. I actually have made it a personal goal for this year to learn to make better charcuterie boards but for now this will do. Sometimes you are just in a rush and want to drink your rosé, you know?

As far as cheese goes for my fast board, I love a good brie melted with fig spread on top, a goat cheese situation, and a smoked gouda. For an extra touch if I’ve feeling a little less lazy than usual, I’ll cut up a few apples, throw a few slices of prosciutto in the mix and find some crackers laying around somewhere in the pantry. The main focus here is truly the rosé.

My current favorite winter rosé is Rosé All Day. It’s light, not too sweet and exactly what I need when the Sunday Scaries hit. It absolutely does not break the bank nor does it taste like sh*t, which I’ve typically found to be the case when purchasing a bottle that is in the $10-$15 range. Side note, the Rosé with Bubbles is perfect for when you want to feel a bit more fancy sprawled out on the couch with your wine and cheese watching reality TV. Just add bubbles and boom, you’re so fancy.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t drink rose in the winter. That is absolutely not the case. Get yourself a few nice cheeses, some Rosé All Day and you will be good to go!

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