Tie Dye For Spring From Chaser Brand

chaser brand tie dye

Back when I was in elementary school so many years ago, my favorite day of the year was tie dye day in art class. Tie Dye t-shirts use to be the coolest thing, especially if you were artistic enough to make one the looked store bought yourself. There was an art and technique to tie dying perfectly without making a mess. I NEVER mastered this form of art.

Point of the story is that although I loved tie dye day, my shirts never looked that great. I would always beg for a store bought shirt that I would then tell people I made myself to see cool and artistic. Fortunately for me, the tie dye phase quickly ended by middle school and I never had to look at my terrible artwork again.

Tie dye has made a comeback and turned into a huge trend last summer. This trend is projected to continue this spring and I am absolutely here for it especially because I no longer need to make my own.

I’ve always loved Chaser Brand for their vintage graphic tees and rock & roll vibe. I am now even more obsessed with the brand because their tie dyes are perfection. From tie dye tees to tie dye shorts, and even bold neons, Chaser has everything to fit your colorful needs this spring. Here are my favorite pieces from the brand:

Cozy Knit Long Sleeve Vented Shoulder Pullover in Tie Dye


Jersey Short Sleeve Tee in Tie Dye   *Linking similar item*


Gauzy Cotton Jersey Crew Neck Tee in Neon Pink 

 Silky Basics Tie Front Shorts in Tie Dye 


Now is the time to get your tie dye collection together for this spring! Be sure to check out all that Chaser Brand has to offer.


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