Exclusive Interview With Haley + Michaels

Check out my interview with Haley + Michaels for Her Campus Fairfield: If you haven't heard of Haley + Michaels, you should definitely check them out! They are the cutest country music couple and so sweet! Our CC was able to interview the country music duo and get the inside story behind their new single "Me Too," … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Haley + Michaels

Why New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t A Thing

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but New Year’s resolutions are not a thing. Or at least they shouldn't be. Honestly, let’s be real here. What is the success rate for New Year’s resolutions? According to Statistic Brain only 8% of the American people successfully keep up with their resolution but … Continue reading Why New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t A Thing