Fairfield University to Become a Tobacco Free Environment

On March 1st, students at Fairfield University received a letter via email from interim President, Lynn Babington, regarding a significant change that will be made on campus.

“In January of 2018, Fairfield University will become a tobacco free campus,” according to the letter from Babington. Over the next 9 months changes will be made on campus to help move this process along more smoothly.

The first change will take place on March 20, 2017. At that time, the use of tobacco and tobacco products which include electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and cigars can only occur in limited areas across campus which will be labeled with signage.


Fairfield University believes in Cura Personalis, which is care for the whole person. The Jesuit Values play an important role in our education here at Fairfield. Fairfield University is committed to building healthy lifestyles for students.

HCFU Responds to Odyssey Article Published by SHU Student

One town. Two medium-sized universities. Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University don’t correlate often, but per an article written and published by a SHU student there is a rivalry between the schools. This tension is not felt widely or deeply by university students, aside from a healthy competition displayed at school sporting events.

Published on January 22, 2017 the article titled, “11 Reasons Sacred Heart University Is Better Than Fairfield U,” not only published information that was factually incorrect but was beset with angry and shallow tones. Her Campus would like to set the record straight.

Fairfield University’s National and Regional Standings

U.S. News has ranked Fairfield University #2 in Regional Universities North and #1 Best Colleges for Veterans (Regional North). Our nursing program was actually ranked #10 nationally by College Factual and will be implementing a midwifery program in the near future.

Campus Updates as Part of Fairfield Rising

In reflection of our nationally ranked nursing program, the brand new Palliative Center will open this coming fall. This is just a few months after the grand opening of the Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Recreation Complex with state of the art equipment.

Those are just two of the many updates coming to our Campus-Wide Master Plan. Already underway are updates to the Barone Campus Center which will include “The Tully”, our new dining hall, and a parking garage next to the Kelly Center. Fairfield will also be opening a brand-new residence hall for occupancy in August of 2018.

Strong Athletic Programs

Over the last year, Fairfield University has achieved some impressive sports highlights. Our Volleyball team won the MAAC in the Fall of 2016 and our Baseball team won the MAAC in the Spring of 2016.

Taking Ownership and Promoting Tolerance Last year, students at our university held an alleged “Ghetto Party”. What happened in the following days was what we see every day in the media: reports circulated and the story grew larger reaching from here to the west coast. But, that’s the name of the game. Whether you report for Her Campus Fairfield, The Odyssey, or the New York Times it is our duty to our readers to report news as it impacts our community. As a reporter, it is equally important to ensure we are producing news content that is factual and impartial.

In the aftermath of this campus event, the students of Fairfield University came together to address the underlying issue. Within hours, FUSA had responded to the off-campus event in a university-wide email. In the days to follow, a student run forum took place where our community came together to express opinions and share grievances. The goal was—and still is—to create tolerance on campus.

Since then, Fairfield has created the Bias Response Team. This program developed from the President’s Institutional Diversity Council where faculty, staff, and students can report incidents on campus that they feel are “bias-related discrimination within the Fairfield community”.

In the face of intolerance and adversity our school came together as a community, regardless of race, and worked to resolve the situation.

A Beautiful Campus

Atop the hills at McAullife and Bellermine Hall, you can see the Long Island Sound that is just a mile away. In fact, Cosmopolitan.com rated Fairfield University one of the 18 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America.

Beauty is everywhere on Fairfield’s campus. We don’t need tweets from @SMACKEDCOLLEGE to prove we have “sexy” or “good looking” people on campus. We started the “Campus Beauty” trend, and our “Campus Cuties,” make the national chapter page on Her Campus.

Our Historical Roots 

We are a Jesuit University with a rich history in education that is reflected every day in our core values. Our connection to this fuels enrichment programs and a style of learning that remains unparalleled. Fairfield students can see this manifested in devotion through the arts, living learning communities, and service learning classrooms—to name a few.

At Fairfield, our students and faculty preach and live by Jesuit values.  We value the idea of cura personalis, which means “care of the whole person.” Our Stags work every day, in their classes, service work, jobs, and daily activities, to live as the best people we can be.  Our beloved University fosters an environment where we work together with our peers and higher-ups to be fully socially aware and responsible, leading to kinder and more accepting students.

According to our website, “At Fairfield, we believe that no matter what’s going on in the world, more unites us than divides us. When we respect and value each other, we find the common good rooted in us all, and we work together to bring out each other’s potential.” Love one another, and show people the respect that they deserve. We still love our neighboring university, but let’s keep our rivalry light-hearted and courteous.

Stags Men’s Lacrosse Raises Nearly $13,000 for Headstrong Foundation

The men’s lacrosse team has raised $12, 892 within the last two months to benefit the HEADstrong Foundation.

The fundraising was apart of the 2016 Lax Stache Madness and the Fairfield Stags’ total donation ranked first among all college lacrosse teams that participated.

The HEADstrong Foundation is a non profit organization. The foundation helps to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

The purpose of Lax Stache Madness is for the student-athletes to grow a mustache during the time of the fundraiser and obtain donations for HEADstrong.

Student-athletes Andrew Eidenshink, Jake Knostman, Liam Lynch and Dave Fleming all raised over $1,000 each individually that was put towards the total amount.

“I am incredibly proud of our team for their efforts to raise money and awareness for the HEADstrong Foundation,” said Fairfield Head Coach Andy Copelan. This really is something for the Stags to be proud of!

Go Stags!

Clown Chaos Continues In Fairfield

Barone Student Center, Fairfield College - PDRP, arch

Last night students of Fairfield University called in reports to the Department of Public Safety regarding clown sighting on campus.

The news quickly spread and to some, it was no surprise being that clowns made an appearance on Sacred Heart’s campus, (only about 3 miles down the road) the night before, as well as all over the country. Most students became quite concerned and justifiably ~freaked out~.

Fairfield students took to Snapchat and other forms of social media to warn others about the creepy clown sightings. Sophomore Sarah Dignam said, “I found out about the clown through my friends in a group chat, we were all freaked out.”

“I kept getting different Snapchats and videos of clowns in different places on campus,” Talene Sagherian, a junior, said, “It was scary to think that this could actually be happening at Fairfield.”

This morning, parents, students and faculty received an email from the University regarding last night’s incident. It was explained to have been a prank and the student involved has been identified.

Fairfield University is taking this matter very seriously and explains any student creating anxiety and fear in others will not be tolerated.  Hopefully, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, this freaky and harmful trend dies out soon.

Regional University Ranks

It is yet again, another great day to be a stag. Now, what does it mean to be a stag might you ask. Well, it means that as a stag you attend a private Jesuit university that was just named number 2 in Regional Universities North. That’s right, Fairfield University hit number 2 in U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges ranking for 2017.

Fairfield has so much to offer its students, and truly deserves this amazing ranking. We offer the best of both worlds being located right on the beach and only 60 miles away from New York City. With over 40 majors, a competitive nursing program and a highly ranked Dolan School of Business; students are the epitome of well-rounded scholars.

Along with this we have 80 clubs and organizations on campus. And we can’t forget about our 20 Division 1 athletic teams that compete every year in the NCAA conference. Oh, and did I mention we have many notable alumni including award winning news anchor Sonia Baghdady and actor Paul Marcarelli?! #STAGLIFE


So be proud to be a stag, not only today but everyday!

Saturdays Are For The Point


School is hard when you get to spend beautiful days on the beach like this. After a very long four months of summer it is good to be back in Stag Country. Even more so, it is SO great to be back on Latern’s Point. Point Days are a tradition that go way back at Fairfield University and they are a signature part of what it means to be a Stag.

The weather may began to get cooler, professors will begin to assign tons of assignments, but Point Days will still continue. Here is to a great year, it’s good to be back Stags.