Elevate Your Work From Home Situation With These Tips & Desk Essentials

As crazy as the current global climate may seem, we all have had to adapt in different ways. I am going onto my fourth month of working from home pretty soon and personally feel that I have adapted rather quickly. Working from home is not as terrible or difficult as it may seem. The process of adapting into a work from home routine actually happened just by utilizing a few tricks. All you need is a desk, a solid routine and a few essentials!

A few quick tips for working from home: The first is locating a desk. This is absolutely necessary as you won’t be able to be productive from your bed. I happen to have one in my room from high school, so that worked out. However, literally anything can become your new desk, a kitchen table, a coffee table, anything works. The second is to develop a new routine. Schedule out what time you will wake up everyday (stick to that), lunch, mini breaks, meetings, a time to work out etc. A routined schedule will help you stay on track while working from home. My last tip is to mirror your desk at home to look similar like your desk in the office. This will help you keep momentum going. With this, I like to have these essentials at my desk with me:

1. A Planner, Specifically the Ban.do 2020-2021 Planner in Super Bloom 


The Ban.do planners are my absolute favorite and I look forward to them coming out each year. The designs are so fun and really help to brighten my mood everyday. I like to have my planner out at my desk at all times so I can easily plan things in advance. I also like to keep track of personal events in my planner as well. Although much isn’t happening these days, its nice to be able to write events to look forward to down in my planner.

2. Cute Pens, Specifically the Write On! Pen Set


I love writing with cute pens. It really keeps things more interesting. I love this pen set because they are cute and colorful on the outside but only use black ink so they are perfect for signing documents or taking clear, clean notes. Black ink pens that write clear and smooth are an absolute desk essential.

3. Sticky Notes, Specifically this Daisies Note Set 


I am a sticky note lover. I literally leave myself sticky note reminders everywhere. All over my desk, even on my door and sometimes on the bathroom mirror. I sometimes need constant reminders. (don’t we all?) I love this sticky note set because the daisy print is so pretty and fun for spring/summer!

4. Mini Notepad, Specifically the Mini Rough Draft Notebook 


I love a mini notebook because it doesn’t take up too much space. I don’t like clutter either so a mini notebook is the way to go for me. I also prefer a spiral bound one as it is easier to write in. This rose mini notebook is such a pretty one and it looks great sitting on any desk. It is perfect for your desk aesthetic.

5. Sticker Pack, Specifically the “Big Plans” Sticker Set 


These stickers are a must! They are color coded and have stickers for meetings, me time, workouts, appointments etc. I like to write my schedule for the day with specific meetings on a post it or sheet of paper each day and use the stickers so I can easily see the outline of my day. I like to cross off each item as the day goes on.

In addition, I am sure to always have a water bottle, chapstick and a snack at my desk at all times. Hope this helps and trust me you will be able to master working from home with ease!

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