Best Nail Polish Brands For Achieving Salon Quality Manicures At Home

I got my first gel manicure in the seventh grade. Since then, I have consistently gone to get my nails done every two to three weeks. Expensive? Yes. Excessive? I guess some would say so. But, there’s just something about a fresh manicure that really can make a girl feel some type of way. More confident, more put together; you know?

With the current quarantine situation my ability to consistently go get a gel manicure or my latest obsession (dip powder gel) has been put on hold. However, being that I can’t go without some sort of manicure, I have looked to at home nail kits to get the job done. Let’s just say I have been pleasantly surprised by what’s on the market and could see myself continuing to do my own nails past quarantine times. Shocking, I know.

1. Le Mini Macaron 

le mini macaron

As I’ve mentioned there is just something about a fresh mani. Le Mini Macaron is the equivalent to the full on salon experience right in your home. They sell a complete at home gel mani kit with the cutest little LED drying lamp that looks like a mini macaron. (Hence, the name!) Le Mini Macaron also had the greatest Nail Care Kit which I am obsessed with. It is the perfect little system for taking care of your nails at home. Our nails needs to be cared for in a special way too!

2. Duri’s Nails

duri nails

Removing a salon manicure at home is not easy, let me tell you. I spent a solid two hours filing down my dip powder gel manicure and soaking it in acetone. This at home process absolutely did not provide any health benefits for my nails. Duri’s Nail Growth System is absolutely amazing. In just one week of using the Rejuvacote 2 Nail Growth Base & Top  Coat my nails felt stronger again and had grown back in full. This base & top coat is actually magic. Duri’s products and currently free and made in the U.S.- another added bonus for this amazing brand.

3. Mani Me 

manime rose petal

And if all else fails, and you truly feel like you can’t paint your own nails at home. There is always Mani Me. Stick on gel manicure but better. Mani Me custom makes your stick on gel nails to perfectly fit your nail. Just create a profile, submit photos on your fingers, pick your colors and then your perfectly fitting mani will arrive in your mailbox a few days later. So easy to apply and it lasts a full two weeks like a salon gel mani. My favorites are the colors To Have & To Hold and Rose Petal. 

4. Static Nails 

static nails

Static Nails offers a variety of products but their nail polishes are by far the best at achieving a salon quality manicure at home. The Liquid Glass Lacquer are so shiny and long lasting. I love the way my salon manicures stay so shiny and it has been impossible to achieve that look at home, until now. My favorite colors include Skinny Dip, MOOD,  and BARE. 

5. Olive & June

olive & june

If you are really trying to take your at home manicure seriously then I highly suggest The Everything Box from Olive & June. This is basically an at home manicure bootcamp in a box. Everything that you need from a nail file, buffer and nail clippers. You even get to select 6 shades to add to your box. The Everything Box also makes a great gift for anyone celebrating a birthday during this time!


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