7 Scented Candles To Help You Relax

Although we don’t like to admit it, I know that most of us here have an obsession with candles. I have especially been obsessed with them while being quarantined at home. I love having a candle lit in every room. My favorite spot for candles has been in my bedroom. There is nothing better than being curled up in bed with a ton of fuzzy blankets and a candle lit right next to you. It provides a sense of relaxation.

There is comfort in scents. Scents can bring back really great memories…or really bad ones. (Whoops!) Scents like lavender are perfect for reducing stress, while lighter, clean scents are perfect for increased calmness. Aromatherapy is exactly what the doctor ordered when you are in need of relaxation.

1. Nest Fragrance Candle in Cedar Leaf & Lavender

cedarleaf and lavender nest candle

This candle has been my all time favorite. I have this candle on my desk and love to have it burning while I work from home. It the perfect desk candle and would make a great gift for coworkers. The lavender scent is perfect for when you are feeling extra stressed as it increases calmness.

2. Yankee Candle Clean Cotton

yankee candle clean cotton

There is something so comforting about the smell of fresh clean laundry straight out of the dryer. Well maybe its just me, but I absolutely love this scent. And, I love the feeling of knowing all my laundry is done and put away. Ahh, so calming. I love to light this in my room after I’ve done my laundry just to have the scent of clean laundry lingering. It is calming and comforting.

3. Diptyque Paris Candle Vanille 

Diptyque Candle Vanille 

Although vanilla may seems like a boring or typical scent to opt for, this candle is a classic. It isn’t too strong either which is perfect if you aren’t looking for an overwhelming scent while you are staying inside especially during these times of quarantine. If you are sensitive to fragrances but want the enjoyment of a lit candle, Diptyque candles are for you. Don’t stress the scent won’t give you a blaring headache.

4. White Barn Candle Pink Lilac and Vanilla


White Barn is an exclusive from Bath & Body Works. The candle is made with essential oils so it is perfect for intense aromatherapy. If you are obsessed with the color pink you will absolutely appreciate pink lilac over normal lilac. It’s the little things that can prove the greatest pleasures.

5. Capri Blue Candle Volcano 

capri blue volcano candle

Aside from the amazing smell of Capri Blue candles the jars the candles come in are absolutely stunning. The volcano one I personally think is the prettiest. The volcano sent is calm and perfect for relaxation. The jars look beautifully on a coffee table. You will feel totally relaxed knowing your aesthetic is up to par with this candle out.

6. Illume Good Natured Soy Candle in Avocado Mint

avocado mint

Mint is the perfect sent for relaxation. I know it may seem weird but think about it, why do we chew mint gum when we are nervous? Okay, maybe I’m the only one who does this-but it always works. I love this candle because it also has an avocado scent to it and who doesn’t love an avocado?

7. Homesick Candle, Specifically the CT Candle 


When I am feeling extra tense I like to think of places or memories that spark joy. Homesick candles are absolutely amazing because there is one for every state and they even have candles for memories like birthdays oh and your first kiss. Not too sure what a first kiss smells like as I can’t even remember mine at the moment but whatever works. Homesick candles are perfect for providing comfort and relaxation.


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