Slip Silk Pillowcases: The One Item Your Night Routine Is Missing



I can honestly say that for the longest time my only concern when it came to my “night routine” was not waking up with a pimple or eczema flare up in the morning. I would mix multiple lotions and serums to create a potion that I hoped would make my skin look like a baby’s bum in the morning. Smooth and even.

I eventually learned that sometimes mixing all of those products can cause more harm that good for someone with sensitive skin like myself. I realized a less extensive skin care routine is what I needed at night, and a product that is not a lotion or serum.

For the longest time I slept on a normal cotton pillow case. I would wake up with pimples on my cheeks and dry rough patches. I thought that these rough patches and pimples needed more serums being applied to them. I didn’t realize that my old cotton pillow case could be the cause of all my problems.

I absolutely swear by Slip Silk Pillow cases. They are life changing and absolutely worth the price. They are made of 100% silk and feel absolutely amazing. For someone like me who suffers from eczema flare ups and has sensitive skin, adding an extra oily lotion or a serum filled with acids to my nigh routine just wasn’t working. I needed to make a small change that didn’t involve more products being absorbed into my skin.

I have noticed I actually sleep better and through the night at ease with my slip pillow case. They are so gentle on the skin and prevent bed head which is an added bonus. I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since switching pillow cases. I have not  had as many breakouts as I use to which has been amazing.  I am traveling this week and packed my pillowcase with me. Hotel pillow cases are the absolute worst. Slip is a must have when traveling!

Slip also sells a variety of silk face masks and scrunchies so if you love to coordinate like myself, you can easily find the perfect color pillow case with a face mask and scrunchies to match.

Get my pillow case here.

Sweet Dreams.



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