Hold The Lipstick: Beauty Trends That Should Have Never Been

Remember when Gretchen Weiners tried to make “fetch” happen in the movie Mean Girls? Well, Regina George was right when she said “fetch” was never going to happen.

In the same way that “fetch” never needed to happen, certain beauty trends did not need to happen as well. Over the past year, the beauty gods have blessed us with hacks and techniques to make the art of makeup a lot easier. However, they also cursed us with a few trends that, now looking back on it, we wonder why those trends were ever a thing?

Metallic Eyebrows:


Why don’t we leave our eyebrows alone? Someone, please explain! Eyebrows are meant to match the color of our hair, not to glisten in the light. Whoever tried to make this happen should have stopped while they were ahead.

Glitter Roots:


It should never be okay for your head to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building! There is not a chance that this is good for your scalp either.

Furry Nails:


I have never been so uncomfortable in my life! Being mistaken for a creature is so yesterday. There is no need for nails like this. I’m wondering if shampoo and conditioner come with the nails though. It should.

Green (Or Any Other Neon Color) Lipstick:


Other than the fact that sporting neon lipstick makes you look like you just ate a crayon and now have a disease; I really don’t believe it is flattering on anyone. Therefore, for that reason it should never happen…just like fetch.


Pointed Tip Nails:


Claws for nails? The hand of a vulture is not beautiful. You could actually hurt yourself with claws like these. The scratches you’ll have across your face after trying to apply makeup with these nails will not be cute.

Graphic Eyeliner:


Beauty is a form of art. I completely agree with that. However, art in a form of beauty should be blending shadows on your lid, not drawing a graphic design on your brow bone with liquid eyeliner.

Black Lipstick:


No one wants to kiss black lips, trust me. Stick to what is bold and fresh. Red lips will always be in style. Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t fix what isn’t broken”? Well, don’t try and fix your lips with black lipstick.

Oversized Hair Buns:


Ursula the evil sea witch has nothing on the oversized bun trend. The amount of celebrities that wore this look on red carpets over the past few years is sad! Who let you out of the house like that?

Excessive Highlight:


I know sparkly unicorns are a trendy thing but highlighter all over your face is  not okay! You shouldn’t look like the literature assignment you hightlighten way to much last night to make it look like you actually read.


The “Wet” Hair Look:


Showering is great, and everyone would love to know that you showered this morning; but you are supposed to do your hair as part of your daily beauty routine. Leaving it looking wet and wispy is being lazy.

Way Too Smoky Eyes:


You eyes are meant to be seen! Not hidden in a dark circle of eyeshadow. They should pop. Isn’t this the first thing we were taught when we watched YouTube tutorials to learn about makeup and beauty trends?



The prominent trend that every millenial is most definitely guilty of; the ombre. We all rocked it, or at least we thought we did. True life, we never actually rocked this look and should be embarrassed for trying it.

Whatever bad trend beauty trend you are guilty of participating in, just know that the beauty gods do forgive! Take this as a lesson learned and never participate in these awful trends every again! Your future self will thank you!

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