PRÊTE: Hair Care Product Review

PRÊTE is a French term meaning “ready,” as in ready for all your hair needs. They are a company that allows you to book an one hour blowout at a salon near you right through an app on your smartphone. Along with this they have a line of hair care products that are ~fabulous.~

Currently blowouts are only available for booking in Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orange County, and San Francisco. It will soon be expanding to NYC, Atlanta, Austin, DC and Miami.

However, their hair care products are available for purchase online and ship nationally! Check out the products here!

The dry shampoo works wonders and it does not leave your hair feeling dull or weighted down. As an avid dry shampoo user it is so difficult to find one that does not weight your hair down.

The Formula No. 1 serum helps increase hair growth without making your hair oily and limp.

Thank you PRÊTE!


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