In The Know: Floral Print

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

The best part about summer fashion is the bright colors and bold prints. Floral patterns and bright reds have been my favorite themes this summer.

I’m always been a very standard black, white, grey wardrobe type of girl. The only color I would consider on a rare occasion was light pink or maybe a light blue. However, red has completely taken over my wardrobe this summer.

I am loving bold red dresses which are perfect for a day in town or a night out. Along with this rompers with red roses have become a go-to when looking for something fun and flirty to wear.

Embroidered denim has been another one of my favorite trends this summer. Denim jackets, to skirts and shorts, look amazing with embroidery.

And all that embroiled denim can be perfectly paired with a flow off the shoulder top. (The more floral the better!)

We also can’t forget about shoes and accessories. The pattern can be spotted everywhere this season!



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