Grammy’s 2017 Best Dressed

The 2017 Grammy’s Red Carpet was by far one of the best. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by every dress that was seen down the carpet. There was a ton of uniquely styled dresses this year, everything from Tom Ford to Gucci made an appearance. Here are the best dressed celebs of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.



Although my roommate compared Rihanna’s attire to a spider, I was in awe. The giant puffy skirt was very unique, and of course Rihanna kills it with a bright orange top.

Katy Perry:


At first I was a bit confused by Katy’s look, but after watching her memorial interview I realized only Katy would be able to pull off this look. Oh and the new hair color is gorgeous. I think I’m loving the blonde more than the blue California Girls’ wig.

Jennifer Lopez:


The sexy slit honestly just made my girl crush for Jen increase immensely. J-Lo looked absolutely stunning in this dress. She crushed the red carpet strutting down in a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutins.

Carrie Underwood:


Carrie is literally #goals. If anyone could rock a dress on the red carpet without blending in it would be her. She literally stood out.

Heidi Klum:


Heidi’s dress was very simple, however can we talk about how amazing she looks. Side note for those of you who did not know; Heidi is 43 and still can pull off a tight, short dress. AH-MAZING. Seriously.

Chrissy Teigen:


Chrissy looked so gorgeous in this patterned look. The fringe bottom was a unique touch, while the side cutouts make the dress super sexy yet sleek.

Kelsea Ballerini:


I honestly had no idea who Kelsea was until I saw her on the Red Carpet. However, aside from not knowing, I instantly fell IN LOVE with her dress. The floral design is chic and fun!

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