9 Signs You’re Too Addicted to Your Cell Phone

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely guilty of being too addicted to your phone. I’m writing this so clearly I am too; don’t feel so bad. It is crazy to say but our phones truly have become our worlds. Your phone does everything from holding your Starbucks gold card information to documenting our prime moments up at the townhouses. The first step to coping with an addiction is admitting that we have one. We all have our guilty pleasures, mine just happens to be my phone!

1. Your phone is in your hand constantly.

Everywhere you go whether it be the walk to class, or to the bathroom; that phone is in your hand.

2. You use your phone while using the bathroom. 

If you think it is normal to sit on a toilet while scrolling through Instagram, say “I.”

3. You sleep with your phone charging right beside you. 

Who needs a guy to cuddle with when you have your phone right?

4. You have to charge your phone at least three times a day.Seriously where is the nearest outlet.

5. You are on the hunt for wifi everywhere you go. 

“What’s the wifi password?”

6. You respond to text messages within seconds. 

It is not because you are readily available; it is because your phone is readily available.

7. More than two minutes away from your phone = you having a full on panic attack. 

Separation anxiety is so real.

8. People ask you why you are constantly on your phone and you use “answering emails,” as your excuse.

It is true, emails are very important.

9. You drop your phone on your face at the end of the night because you are about to doze off and still on it.

You just have to spend every waking second on your phone.

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