Clown Chaos Continues In Fairfield

Barone Student Center, Fairfield College - PDRP, arch

Last night students of Fairfield University called in reports to the Department of Public Safety regarding clown sighting on campus.

The news quickly spread and to some, it was no surprise being that clowns made an appearance on Sacred Heart’s campus, (only about 3 miles down the road) the night before, as well as all over the country. Most students became quite concerned and justifiably ~freaked out~.

Fairfield students took to Snapchat and other forms of social media to warn others about the creepy clown sightings. Sophomore Sarah Dignam said, “I found out about the clown through my friends in a group chat, we were all freaked out.”

“I kept getting different Snapchats and videos of clowns in different places on campus,” Talene Sagherian, a junior, said, “It was scary to think that this could actually be happening at Fairfield.”

This morning, parents, students and faculty received an email from the University regarding last night’s incident. It was explained to have been a prank and the student involved has been identified.

Fairfield University is taking this matter very seriously and explains any student creating anxiety and fear in others will not be tolerated.  Hopefully, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, this freaky and harmful trend dies out soon.

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