Regional University Ranks

It is yet again, another great day to be a stag. Now, what does it mean to be a stag might you ask. Well, it means that as a stag you attend a private Jesuit university that was just named number 2 in Regional Universities North. That’s right, Fairfield University hit number 2 in U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges ranking for 2017.

Fairfield has so much to offer its students, and truly deserves this amazing ranking. We offer the best of both worlds being located right on the beach and only 60 miles away from New York City. With over 40 majors, a competitive nursing program and a highly ranked Dolan School of Business; students are the epitome of well-rounded scholars.

Along with this we have 80 clubs and organizations on campus. And we can’t forget about our 20 Division 1 athletic teams that compete every year in the NCAA conference. Oh, and did I mention we have many notable alumni including award winning news anchor Sonia Baghdady and actor Paul Marcarelli?! #STAGLIFE


So be proud to be a stag, not only today but everyday!

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